Zombie Heart Wall Plaque

1003710_485970481491402_513359776_nSo, I love zombies. You’ll all figure that out eventually, so we might as well get it out of the way. Naturally, I wanted to make include them in my wall-plaque-making. This one was fun, as I tried to arrange my various photos into the heart. Initially, I didn’t have that little brain, but that space was really empty. I think the brain completes it nicely. The background was just a sheet of card-stock I bought from Michaels, I believe. It’s pretty and colorful, but I also thought it was really Halloween-y. I like it. I got those stickers from Michaels too, I think. They’re nice and sparkly and I love them! I really like how this one turned out, even though I messed it up in one spot and had to cover it up with a little dot. I need to learn to leave my projects alone until they’re full dry! But I usually just like them so much that I can’t resist playing with them. Eh, just something I’ll have to remember. Maybe one day I’ll quit messing things up. I guess it’s a nice learning experience, though, trying to figure out how to cover up your mistakes.:)

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